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By joining our AirMedical Membership program, you can be medically evacuated to any medical hospital of your choosing. As long as you are more than 150 miles away from home and your last evacuation was less than 120 consecutive days prior, then you are covered. There are no pre-existing condition restrictions, no co-pays and no deductibles. This valuable service can cost thousands of dollars in air transport alone, however, with a our program your membership has already paid for itself!

Annual AirMedical Plans

Join our AirMedical Membership program where you can be medically evacuated by medical jet if you are more than 150 miles away from home. Plans start as low as $400.00 a year for individuals and $600.00 a year for families with up to 5 children under 26 years old. 

There are three annual plans available through AirMedical: an individual plan, family plan, and a corporate plan.


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